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Jolly Uncle

J.P.S. Jolly, popularly known as Jolly Uncle, Delhi based author, is a master of the art of writing. He always blends positive thinking with humor and imbibing it in daily life in order to create positivity in our society. With his motivational and self-help books, stories and articles he inspires positivity and awareness in people and unveils to them the attractive powers of positive thinking that bring balance in their life. Books by Jolly Uncle are realistic and a part of our everyday life which have been presented in such a lucid way that a reader of any age-group can read his books with equal ease. A few readers have put the author in the stature of renowned author Khushwant Singh. Fiction writer of national level Dr. Maheep Singh compared Jolly Uncle’s writing with that of the legendary Munshi Prem Chand. Jolly Uncle firmly believes that positive thinking being the most effective tool for life, has the power to wipe out fear and negativity. He believes that our each and every action bears fruits and those borne by constructive actions are always positive and joy giving.

Jolly Uncle is widely known as a personality who can inspire a positive change in a person’s behaviour and direct their life towards happiness, success and contentment. Jolly Uncle says “You do not have the power to stop sorrows coming towards you, but, you should not fear with the sorrows as that is in your power”. He does not refute that difficulties appear to be like mountains. However those who show courage in the face of adversity are able to easily cross these mountains. His message to all his beloved readers is not to lose hope during a difficult time as time never stops and difficult time will soon turn to the happier ones.

The philosophy of Jolly Uncle’s life is that the Supreme Power has marked success on every person’s forehead. A positive life never leaves our side; all we need is that in case of any adversity we should not leave it’s side. Having seen many ups and downs in his life it would not be incorrect to say that Jolly Uncle is not only a spirited person himself but is also a guiding force for the coming generations. Over several years, Jolly Uncle’s writings have established a magnetic force that attracts people from all sections of lives towards positivity. In real terms, Jolly Uncle is doing the noble job of transforming people’s lives by teaching them the merits of leading a positive and successful life. He has been awarded and honoured by more than 100 prestigious organizations.

Mr. JPS Jolly is a growing force to be reckoned with in the world of philosophy. He is popularly known as ‘Jolly Uncle’, an identity that is widely known and appreciated. He writes all his books and articles in the name of Jolly Uncle to form an intimate and informal bond with his readers. Thereby, endearing himself to one and all. His words are never preachy. Instead, they are always friendly and simple.






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