JPS Jolly, better known as Jolly Uncle, is a renowned motivational-inspirational writer, public speaker and graphologist who has dedicated his life to inspiring the youth through his works. With over 42 self-help books, 1500 articles in newspapers and magazines, and more than 600 videos, Jolly Uncle has become a household name in India and beyond.

Jolly Uncle lives up to his Jolly and affectionate name. He has been practicing graphology in Delhi for nearly 25 years and has given amazing results to his clients who contact him from all over India and from South Asia, Canada the UK. His infectious positivity and helpful attitude have made him extremely popular on social media. He is very approachable and believes in taking his study to all the corners of the city. He energetically undertakes workshops in Delhi. His suggestions for changing the signature and certain words in their writing have contributed to remarkable success and positive change in the lives of the clients. He strongly believes that these minor changes in handwriting and signatures can change the way the person responds to the outside world and brings a change in their lives. He also assists businesses in placing people in different departments based on their personality traits. He believes that people should learn graphology not only to do reading and correction for others but most importantly for themselves.

In his talk, JPS Jolly tells about his real-life story that eventually made him a motivational writer. He is a blessed soul unto self and stubbornly looks at the brighter side of life.
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